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LIMS Icontest for Billie Piper
Welcome to billie_lims, a last icon maker standing challenge community featuring the lovely Billie Piper, best known for her roles as Rose Tyler of Doctor Who and Hannah Baxter/Belle of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

A last icon maker standing challenge community's goal is to find the best icon maker each round through individual challenges. Each week, participants are eliminated until only one participant remains.

Below is a tentative round schedule. Subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
WEDNESDAY - New Challenge
MONDAY - Voting

Your mod is quiddity_, should you ever need anything.
• All prospective participants must join the community (it is strongly recommended that you watch the comm, too, as you may miss important announcements).

• If you'd like to participate, leave a comment in the sign up post with your username. Signups happen once a round. if you must them, you must wait until the next round starts.

• All submissions must be new and kept SEEKRIT until after results have been posted. If I find you have done so, you will automatically be disqualified. This is not a popularity contest.

• Icons must meet LJ's icon standards: ≤100x100px; ≤40kb; .jpg, .png, or .gif
• Every week, a new challenge will be posted.
• You are expected to enter every challenge unless you have been eliminated or have an available skip to use. All participants start with one skip. To earn another skip, advertise the community in your personal journal, or any community where advertising is acceptable. Leave a comment here with the link.
• All entries must be posted as a comment to the challenge post (comments are screened).
• Please post in the following format:

• Every week, voting will take place. Because this is a LIMS challenge, you will be voting for the least quality icons. The voters decide who will be eliminated each challenge so it is imperative that as many people vote as possible.
• ANYONE with an LJ can vote. HOWEVER - if you are found to have others vote for your icon specifically, you will be banned, THEY will be banned, and your icon will be null and void. This goes the same for strategically voting. DON'T DO IT. This is supposed to be fun.
• Voters need to include CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in their votes. See these posts for help with voting: by chacusha, by xenylamine, & by arbuus